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Comprehensive Sleep Solutions Approach

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Success Starts with Our Staff

Our staff is fully credentialed in oral appliance therapy. Before our sleep dentist meets you, they collaborate with your prescribing provider to ensure treatment is right for you. All oral appliances are prescribed by your physician and approved by our sleep dentist. After the device is manufactured, it is reviewed by our sleep dentist before it is sent to you. We love to educate our patients too – which is why our sleep dentist and expert staff virtually meet with our patients during every step of the process.
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We Deliver an Effective Appliance

At CSS, every device we send to patients is custom fit and approved by the FDA and PDAC. sleep devices are clinically proven to help treat sleep apnea. The compact design gives the oral appliance effortless portability and eliminates the need for a mask, tubing, or electricity for a restful night's sleep.
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We Offer Affordability

Our oral appliance is eligible for insurance coverage. We accept a wide array of insurance providers for qualified individuals, including Medicare. Work with our insurance verification team today to determine your coverage. Self-payment pricing is available upon request.

Product Details

Rest Easier With the Facts


CPAP Alternative

Use this comfortable appliance instead of your CPAP.


FDA-cleared products for treating sleep apnea.


Using an oral appliance may be more comfortable during sleep.

May Be Covered by Insurance

Most insurers cover* this device for qualified beneficiaries, including Medicare. *subject to applicable copays and deductibles.



Work with your CSS sleep dentist to get fitted.


Pack it in your toiletries bag for your next trip.

Easy to Use

Simply slide on the oral appliance when you are ready for bed.
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