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Enjoy Better Sleep with Oral Appliance Therapy

Looking for a sleep apnea treatment alternative to your CPAP machine? Comprehensive Sleep Solutions (CSS) offers a complete oral appliance therapy solution that is quiet, comfortable, and can help treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

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Rest Easy with an Oral Appliance

Reduce snoring and improve your sleep quality with an FDA-approved oral appliance for sleep apnea.

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How It Works

Your custom-fitted oral device will help advance your lower jaw forward, helping keep your airway open. An oral appliance may reduce or even eliminate your sleep apnea.

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Why CSS?

Our sleep dentist will work with your prescriber to determine if an oral appliance is a good solution for your condition. We will work to provide you with a fully customizable device that is comfortable and effective.

Rest Easier With the Facts


CPAP Alternative

Use this comfortable appliance instead of your CPAP.


FDA-cleared products for treating sleep apnea.


Using an oral appliance may be more comfortable during sleep.

May Be Covered by Insurance

Most insurers cover* this device for qualified beneficiaries, including Medicare. *subject to applicable copays and deductibles.



Work with your CSS sleep dentist to get fitted.


Pack it in your toiletries bag for your next trip.

Easy to Use

Simply slide on the oral appliance when you are ready for bed.

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